Thursday, July 15, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Welcome Younger Campers

Have you ever been at the airport and seen a group of people so excited to see another group of people or that certain special individual that maybe hasn't been seen for a while?  Well...this year our YCL'S decided that it would be fun to welcome each car load of younger campers as they arrived at camp.  Each YCL was assigned to be a BIG SIS to one of our first year campers or to a camper that I felt needed to have an extra special friend.  So....they created welcome signs for their LITTLE SIS'S and for their Ward's and stood out in the HOT SUN on the dirt road waiting patiently for each car load to arrive.  They shouted for joy, took pictures of the girls in the car, welcomed them with fun hello's, and guided them in the direction they needed to head in order to find their cabins.  This was such a HIT...I think we'll keep this as a tradition!

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