Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Camp Awards Ceremony

We feel strongly about highlighting each one of our Young Women at our Camp Awards Ceremony.  Each of our Young Women that have completed their camp level requirements receive their Church Camping Certificate and Patch.  I also presented each of our Young Women's Presidency's with flowers for all of the time they put into camp.  Our Camp Director's received a special gift for the many hours they spent coming to meetings and working with our YCL'S and the Ward.  This year our YCL'S received a special gift from me.  My Mom was so happy with the hard work our YCL'S put into camp that she made each of them a special VIRTUE PIN.  You can see it pictured.  There were also some nice gifts for our Camp Chef, Camp Nurse, and Priesthood Leaders.  I can't thank these Leaders and Young Women enough for the many hours they sacrificed to make camp a great success!

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