Thursday, June 3, 2010

4th Sunday Music Share Certificate - June 2010

Lift up your voice and sing!

I have to tell you that this past month our 4th Sunday Music Share was magical.  The Primary Children really sang their little hearts out.  We had a beautiful family musical number performed by two of our Primary sisters and their parents.  They sang Families Can Be Together Forever.  We had special numbers by younger and older Primary children that were just spectacular.  If you have not started this idea in your is never too late.  I promise you the few minutes on the 4th Sunday that you allow your Primary Children to share their musical talents will be the best few minutes you will ever give up in Primary.  It is truly like listening to little angels!!!

This is the certificate that I'll be handing out to all of our participants at the end of the month.  If you would like a copy...please comment here or email me at  I'll need your email address so don't forget to leave it for me!

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Lynn said...

Yes Jennifer, it is magical! I love the 4th Sunday Music Share! And the children do too!!! thank you for inspiring me to give them this opportunity to share their testimonies through music!!