Thursday, May 13, 2010

SUMMER BUZZ.........Where Are You Choosing The Right?

Summer is quickly approaching which means we are going to have to find extra things for our children to do when they say "I'm Bored"!  I decided it might be fun to highlight your children as they show off their very own decorated CTR SHIELD.  This could be just as exciting as FLAT STANLEY.  Have your children decorate a CTR SHIELD and come up with an interesting place around your town where you could go and take their picture.  Email me the photo and we will highlight them on BEEHIVE MESSAGES.  Let's see how many different places we can highlight from around the world this summer.  Sound like fun?  It does to me.  My son, Braden and I have already started.  The picture above is of Braden standing in front of our welcome sign at church.  Now it's your turn to get your children busy at work finding a special location to highlight in your town.    The more pictures we get...the more fun we will all have!  Ready, Set, CHOOSE THE RIGHT! 

For your very own copy of the CTR me at or comment here.  Don't forget your email address!  A special thanks for for the artwork!!!

Let the fun begin!!!  Oh, did I mention that you could do this with your YOUTH too???  Think about how crazy this could be as a mutual activity.


Brea Marie said...

Would you send me the CTR shield? I love this idea! My parents are leaving for a mission and I was trying to come up with some way for my kids to have fun staying in contact with them. I think it would be great to have Grandma and Grandpa take a copy with them and take pictures as well to send to my kids. Thanks again! My email is

Tammy said...

I would love a copy and we could do it in Primary and have the kids take a picture over the summer and bring it back to us.