Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beehive Messages - My Mother's Day Garden

Mother's GROW strong eternal families!

This Mother's Day my husband and children decided it would be nice to surprise me with a Mother's Day Garden.  They were doing such a good job keeping this a secret from me.  I truly had no idea what they were up too until my husband looked out our back window and mentioned that he thought he might need to get out late in the evening to mow the lawn.  Now, that would not have triggered anything in my mind about a garden typically, but he was looking right out the window where we had mentioned that  it would be nice to have a garden right here outside this particular window.  It hit me right away that that was what they were doing.  When I told my husband that I had guessed what they were up too he about died.  I had caught him in the act spilling the beans and it wasn't even our 3 year was HIM!  We got a good laugh out of it and I acted totally surprised the next morning as a watering can and the garden were presented to me by the kids with big smiles on their faces.  I can hardly wait to eat some fresh veggies from the garden!

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