Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beehive Messages - This past weekend!

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend. I know we did in our family. The Easter Bunny arrived which made our son Braden very happy. He hunted all over the house to find his Easter Basket and finally found it on his Dad's office chair. We thoroughly enjoyed Conference. I loved that there were so many talks focusing on motherhood and the youth. I couldn't get enough! As a family we had a blast with our Easter Egg Bashing Contest. Braden took third place with his cousin Mitchell taking second and cousin Austin taking first. I forgot that my brother-in-law's parents raise chickens so their eggs were slightly larger than ours. Bummer! Good thing to remember for next year! Austin kept a very large egg hidden in a plastic egg until the very end. It was the winning EGG! I guess losing to my sister's family this year will teach me not to talk smack before the big day. I loved the fact that our son Braden was honest though. We had designated Grandma and Grandpa as the judges for the contest and Grandpa did not catch that Braden's egg had cracked. Braden chimed in and said Grandpa...my egg is cracked...I guess I'm out. Because he was honest...taking third place means just as much as if he were to have won. Our son, Stockton, threw his egg wrong instead of rolling it and it burst into a million little egg pieces. It really snuck up the place. While Chamberlynn, our daughter, battled it out being kind to the little guys letting them get an edge on her. She’s the oldest of the cousins on my side of the family so we thought that was very nice of her. The older children hid Easter Eggs for an Egg Hunt. Unfortunately...the ants attacked the candy just about as quick as they landed on the ground. The Daddy's had a fun time checking through the candy and getting the nasty pests out of there.

As much fun as we had the real focus of the weekend was centered on the Savior and His sacrifice for all of us. I am so thankful we have the gospel in our lives to know that He Lives!

Thank you all for all of the beautiful comments I get on a regular basis. They don't go unnoticed. You are all very special to me and please continue to stay in touch!


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Patty Ann said...

Cute pics! Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend. I love family time!