Friday, March 19, 2010

Primary Music Idea - Baptism Songbook

When I am baptized I make a covenant with God.

While in Arizona for my nephew's baptism...I noticed that they had created a Baptism Songbook. I loved the idea so much that when I got home I decided that our ward needed one too. I made mine by going through the back of the Children's Songbook under Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Jesus Christ. I made a list of songs and then went to to get a good copy of the music to place inside the notebook I created. For picture purposes...I created mine by using a 3 ring binder. For the church...I'm going to punch holes and either use ribbon to tie them or a circle ring. These will be put away in the Primary closet and pulled out for Baptisms. I really love the fact that this includes so many special songs for that special day. The back section is all of the Primary songs that are included in the Hymn book that can be played as prelude music or while waiting for the individuals to change after being baptized.

If you would like the PDF files...please comment here or email me at Please include your email address.


The R Crew said...

Yet another fabulous idea.
Thank You!

Cathy said...

I love this idea, would love it for our Primary!!Thank you!!

Heidi said...

Thank you!

diana angulo said...

You are so fabulous!!!!!I dont speak english very well, i am from Peru so Thank you so much...Gracias!!!!!

Amy G said...

I had the same exact experience. I went to AZ for a niece's baptism - their stake primary president came to the baptism and brought the baptism songbooks. I was in our stake primary presidency at the time - I went home and made books. I spiral bound them. It's a wonderful resource and I like to think it saves a few trees.