Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - YCL Meeting

This past Saturday...our YCL's had their second YCL meeting. At this meeting the YCL's learned about RETURNING & REPORTING. Each YCL received their YCL Credential's and REPORTED on assignments that they had been given. At the beginning of our meeting the YCL's REPORTED on an assigned scripture story and used a Gospel Art Kit photo to explain the WHO, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, WHAT, and HOW. This activity turned out to be way more fun then I thought. The YCL's really got into character! Then, each YCL had been given an assignment to bring their own personalized YCL Camp Clipboard. The Young Women amazed me with their talent. We did have a few blank clipboards which a few of the girls described as their invisible art. Their descriptions were just as silly as you can imagine they were. The girls broke into their assigned areas and worked really hard on continuing to plan camp. I'm so proud of the hard work that these young ladies are putting into making this camp a great success! Way to go YCL's and LEADERS!!!

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