Friday, February 19, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Lecanto Ward Beehive Camp Activity

Way to go Lecanto Ward Beehives! I had such a fun evening this past Wednesday interacting with all of you. Unfortunately...I was out of town the week Lecanto did their Camp Kick-Off, but I was sure impressed by these young ladies. I had fun singing camp songs with you and eating chili. I have to admit...doing Mad Libs was a blast and it brought back memories of my childhood. I think there might be a video or two with a CRAZY Stake Young Women's Camp Director singing a few of the Mad Libs that these girls created. I was volunteered to sing (read) two of their wild Mad Lib creations. Don't forget girls...I will get even!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I wasn't sure I would make it home Wednesday evening as I must have past about 15 deer scattered along the side of the road prior to entering the highway. For a minute...I thought I was back up North. They were everywhere!

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