Thursday, February 11, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Apopka Ward Camp Kick-Off

Last night it was a bit chilly here in Florida, but it wasn't cold at all at the Apopka Ward Camp Kick-Off. We were nestled up next to the FIRE!!! The bonfire was so warm and it made for a beautiful backdrop for a camp kick-off. The girls enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and making smores. Some even attempted to warm their buns! Tara especially!!! For a few of these young ladies being around the fire just wasn't enough so they covered themselves up in blankets. The Apopka Ward invited parents to come and they had as much fun around the fire as the girls did. Their YCL's shared camp assignments and we talked about how lucky we were to be in Florida and not up North in inches of snow. I had a great time visiting with all of you. Let's be sure to have this much fun at camp!!!


Kathy said...

Have you tried making banana boats in the fire? We made them at camp last year for the YCL's and they loved them!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kathy...

No! I have not tried those. I will have to suggest this to the girls. Sounds YUMMY!!! You can put chocolate chips in there too...can't you?