Monday, February 8, 2010

Primary Music Memo - February 2010 Week Two

This week the Primary children can read Moroni Chapter 7. I love verse 48 that talks about praying to our Heavenly Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with His LOVE. I thought this scripture fit nicely with the monthly Primary song He Sent His Son and Valentine's Day.


Lynn said...

Oh I agree, Jennifer, that scripture is perfect. I read John 3:16 last week because it introduced the Father calling Jesus "His Son" which served as a great intro question to what name did Heavenly Father refer to the Savior as? And then introduced the song with those same words.
I wanted to share the one in Moroni also, so this week I will with your memo print out. I have been leaving colored ones on cardstock outside RS room on table and giving one printed in black and white on paper for each child. This way, it gets double emphasis.
thanks, Jennifer!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Lynn...

I have to say...the scriptures that go with the Primary songs are really wonderful. I have gotten in the habit of reading them prior to teaching the songs to the children. They are beautiful messages that we are lucky enough to be able to share with the Primary children.

I love your idea of leaving the Primary Music Memo outside of the Relief Society Room. I might have to do that. I've been handing one out per never hurts to have it in more hands.

Looks like Atlanta is going to have a wet/snowy Valentine's Day. Stay safe!