Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friends of the Beehive - Message from Kristen Dye

Beehive Messages friend, Kristen, shared with me how she shared the Relief Society Getting to Know You Party Booklet from our post on 1/23/10.   I love what Kristen put together. 

Message from Kristen:
My Visiting Sisters were very excited when I gave them the notebook with the idea of strengthening their personal relationships with the Savior.

Thanks Kristen from being willing to share this with all of us.  It looks great!

If you would like these files sent to you...please let me know.  Kristen was nice enough to send these to me.


Chy said...

Could I get this emailed to me?

btw I LOVE your blog I check it weekly =0D

DJ said...

Oh could I get some of these ones as well? Thank You!

Tracy said...

I would love this as well.
tannette at msn dot com

arendje said...

Please email these to me - than you for sharing -

The Casida Family- Todd, Jen, Nathan, Trevor and Madison said...

This is fantastic! Please e-mail it to me.

Thank you!

bradnhollyparker said...

Could I also get a copy of this? Thanks my email is:

Thanks so much!!!

Elizabeth said...

This looks great! Could I please have this sent to me?