Saturday, January 23, 2010

Young Women's New Beginnings - Fit 4 The Race

Here are the highlights from my sister Stacy's Wards Young Women's New Beginnings. The logo that she used can be found on an earlier post.

Highlights from Stacy:

This year for New Beginnings we chose the theme "Fit For the Race." We compared preparing for a race to the Young Women's program.

When the Young Women arrived, we had them fill out a Registration Packet. Included in the packet we had an All About Me form for the girls to fill out, a calendar of the big events of the year, and a Young Women Roster. Then, we gave each of the girls their Running Bibs.

After they filled out the forms, the Young Women's Secretary talked to the Young Women about the information inside the packets.

Then, I (Stacy), spoke to the Young Women about the For the Strength of Youth Booklet and compared it to a race course. The Second Counselor spoke to the girls about Personal Progress and compared it to preparing to run a marathon and how you have to set goals. Last, the First Counselor spoke to the girls about the yearly theme and how there are lots of people cheering for them along with race of life such as leaders, parents, friends, etc... She also spoke on how we have to be strong even when our bodies get tired during the race.

After we spoke, we introduced all the Runners (the Young Women) and had them pick a question out of a bowl to answer. Some question examples: How does the Young Women Program train you to enter the Temple? What Church Hymn gives you strength in the Race of Life? All the questions had something to do with running. After they answered, we handed them their shirts.

To close the meeting, the Bishop and one of his counselors tied everything together. Even though we had a small group, it was really fun and you could feel the Spirit.

For Refreshments, we had cut up oranges and bananas and Trail Mix. We tried to think of what you would get at a race. We also had small cups of water.


The Lawlor's said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks SO much for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lawlor's...

You are welcome! Thanks for visiting Beehive Messages!!!

Have a wonderful day,

Mary said...

Me and my friend are planning New Beginnings this year and she wants to do a 50's theme but she can't put a spirtual theme, or what the yw leaders and yw will say... can you help me?

Jessy Carlisle said...

HI Jennifer,

I sent an e-mail to you, but I am just thinking you might check this sooner. Do you have templates for the inviations and racing bibs? Or even if you could send me the document that your sister used, that'd be sooo helpful. We are using this in our New Beginnings this year... it is so dang cute!

Jessy Carlisle

SavvyNess said...

Thank you for sharing your New Beginnings idea! I found it on Pinterest and all of us who were planning our New Beginnings loved it! We are using many of your ideas and the theme itself next week. Do you mind if I blog about our activity with the same theme... if I give credit to you for the idea and link back to your site?