Saturday, January 23, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Upcoming YCL Meeting

At our next YCL meeting...we are going to talk to the Young Women about Returning and Reporting since we are focusing on Shadow Leadership in our Stake. Our Young Women have done a great job with this so far, but there is always room for improvement. I thought we could teach this lesson in a fun way by turning them into REPORTERS. As the Young Women arrive...they will receive their credentials (a lanyard that says REPORTER on it). I made these pink going along with the look of the new Personal Progress Pamphlet. Then, I plan to divide the Young Women into groups and have them work together to come up with the WHO? WHERE? WHY? WHEN? HOW? questions to REPORT on the Gospel Art Kit Photos that will be in front of them. When they return...they will REPORT to the rest of the YCL's about the photos like REPORTERS do when REPORTING the news.

We will also be having the YCL's REPORT about the clipboards they have designed and they will be REPORTING after they have worked with the adult leaders they are assigned to work with at camp. Should be fun! More to come!!!

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