Friday, January 15, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Eustis Ward Camp Kick Off

Congratulations Eustis Ward YCL's!!!

This was the first Ward Camp Kick-Off for our upcoming Young Women's Camp. The YCL's have been working hard in each Ward to prepare a special evening for the younger campers. Each of the Ward's are to plan an evening where they share the new camp theme "A VIRTUOUS PATH LEADING BACK TO OUR SAVIOR" and some of the fun things we'll be doing at camp this summer. This particular Ward has been assigned Divine Nature as their Camp Value and Ice Skates as the shoe type they'll represent. The YCL's decided to create a Winter Wonderland. They created a snow sled out of the cart that holds the long church tables and placed all of the first year campers in their Ward on for a special ride to the Young Women's Room. The rest of the girls were all ready in the room. The room was decorated with Christmas lights, snowflakes and a pretend ice skating rink. As part of their evening...the YCL's lead the younger campers in camp songs and a fun camp SCARF game. When the evening was over they provided desserts that were foods that represented some of the different camp songs. I was so proud of the time that these girls put into making this a great evening for all of us!


1. Place all of the players in a circle.
2. You will need two scarves. Make sure they look different.
3. Place one scarf around the neck of one of the players. Place the other scarf around a player on the opposite side.
4. With the first scarf...players need to tie it one time around their neck and then clap their hands. With the second scarf...players need to tie it two times around their neck and then clap their hands.
5. As the game moves around the circle going clockwise...there is a chance that they will end up at the same place. If it does...that person is out of the game. will want to move as quickly as you can!

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