Friday, January 1, 2010

Young Women Personal Progress Award - It's O-Fish-Al!

My sister, Stacy, had another Young Woman in her Ward earn her Personal Progress Award. Below...she shares what the Young Women and Leaders did for her.

We recently had another one of our Young Women complete her Personal Progress. This past Sunday, we presented her with her Young Womanhood Recognition award. To make the night special for her, another young woman (who worked on this as one of her 10 hour projects) in our ward along with several leaders, planned a fun filled evening for her.

The theme for the night was Under The Sea. For decorations, we used different shades of blue streamers to make it look like water and hung fish from the ceiling. The chalk board was covered with a fish net and had fish cut outs on it. For the food, she made cupcakes and decorated them with Swedish fish.

We had several leaders, her sister and a friend present her with a decorated fish net to go along each of the YW values. At the end of the night she got to take home all the fish nets as a reminder of the YW values she had been working on.

Some of the items in the fish nets were:

Faith - A decorated empty box
Divine Nature - A statue of the Temple
Individual Worth - An ultra-sound picture (from her sister)
Knowledge - A book
Choice and Accountability - A coin to remind her that we don't just flip a coin to make choices in this life
Good Works - A picture of the Rainbow fish and some tin foil scales with good works written on them. The book is about a fish, who in the end gives his scales to the other fish and it makes him feel good
Integrity - An anchor
Virtue - Some jewelry - Related the jewelry to rubies

It was a really nice night. She had lots of members in the Ward come to support her.

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