Friday, January 8, 2010

Primary Music Memo - January 2010 Week Two

This is the Primary Music Memo that I'll be sharing with our Primary children this Sunday. This week I'm challenging them to work on The First Article of Faith song and to read the verses found in 3 Nephi 17:11-24.


Lynn said...

I like the scripture included. This way the family can read and the child has it also.

Now, a quick question about the sign up sheets. Do you pass one out to each child or is this just one form you have at the front and children come up to you and sign up?

Also, I like the solo/small group singing. Have the children memorized these songs or do they just sing from book?

Also, the "Learn a favorite song about Jesus" task? What are you expecting on that task? Just curious.

And finally, hee, how are you having the children pass off article of faith songs?

Lynn said...

I gave out the lanyards and cards Sunday. And the children LOVED them. I had teachers that wanted to do this too. Have you allowed teachers?
I still have questions about how you are keeping up and accepting tasks.
I had one child come up to me after church and wanted to pass off leading. she had went in the hymn book as I had mentioned the leading suggestions in it to help them. And she had practiced for a few minutes after church and wanted to earn a pin already. I laughed and told her to work on it some more at home and then come back to me next Sunday.
so , now I'm a bit at odds as to WHAT and HOW you gave out pins for each task>

Lynn said...

Jennifer, you gave the challenge to memorize the article of faith song #1 and to read the scripture of the month. How are you passing that off? Do they just come up to you individually and tell you they memorized the song or read the scripture. And then you give them a button?

Jennifer said...

Hey Lynn...

Great to hear from you!

1. I printed out the sign up sheet for the 4th Sunday Music Share and placed it on a clip board. I made one for Junior Primary and one for Senior Primary. I showed it to the kids this week and told them that they could sign up next week at the table by where they exit the Primary room.
2. As for the music that they will be sharing...I told our children that it didn't have to be memorized, but they do have to know it well enough to be comfortable in front of people.
3. I'm using the learn your favorite song about Jesus as a way for them to explore the Children's Songbook. I want the children to start looking more through the book and see if there are songs in there that they might like that we don't sing. They will have the chance to learn it on their own or I might even allow some of the kids to teach us their favorite song throughout the year.
4. I'm having the children come to me to sing the Article of Faith songs. We are really striving to get all of our Primary children to memorize them and what a better way then through singing them. We sing at least one of the Article of Faith songs a week as our opening song in Primary. Most of the children know them already since we have been working on them for the past few years in Primary.
5. I say go for it...if the teachers want to participate...let's let them. I have had a few that want to as well.
6. I think that in order to earn their have to put them into action. Allow the child to lead one of the Primary songs and see if they truly know how to do it. I mentioned to you before that I have a fun way to teach the children how to lead. I will have to post that when I get a chance.

Have a good one!

Lynn said...

Thanks so much Jennifer~

Lynn said...

Curious what other sisters are choosing as their May and August song choices.

Lynn said...

got all my lanyards finished and handed out last Sunday. Now I'm making the buttons. This is fun! I printed mine and then laminated and circle cut them out. I bought small pin backs and adhere them to the circles.
I love them!

question on the promoting of singing in sacrament and primary. How are you telling the children they pass that off? Do you observe them during primary for a few months, and ask parents to sign that they sing in sacrament or take the children's word.
Just wondering if that badge takes all year to qualify for.

Also, curious if you have a PASSWORD this year. I was thinking that if we came up with a password that it would be neat to have them tell me it before I give them their earned badge each time. Curious!

Jennifer said...

Hi Lynn...

It sure sounds like you are having fun!

I have chosen a few extra songs to incorporate this year. I want to teach the children the following:

I Feel My Savior's Love
I Stand All Amazed
I Hope They Call Me On A Mission
I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus

I think I'm going to be using some different arrangements...just to mix it up a little bit.

As for the signing off of the singing in Primary and Sacrament Meeting...I'm thinking they need to do this one all year. I am trusting the children & their parents. I tell the children that I'm watching them. I'm thinking that I might randomly give some out to some of the kids throughout the year to show them that I am watching.

I haven't thought of a PASSWORD for this year. I did a password a few years ago and they liked it. Maybe it could be something that is created after the Primary Theme. Let me know if you come up with one.

Love hearing from ya!

Lynn said...

I love your remarks and helps tremendously. You have truly inspired me. I have felt so strongly for a while to allow the children and families to share their talents with music in primary. And your ideas have just lifted me to that level I needed to take. Thank you, for getting me started in that!

I have been really stuck with these two songs
May-Choose the Right Way
August- Beautiful Savior

Now, Beautiful Savior is one gigantic song. But this primary I have is full of talent, and I am thinking of teaching them to harmonize with the 2nd and 3rd verses. I will need a second chorister to help me with this. But I have great support in that area.

I'm still thinking of a password. I might even allow children to SUBMIT an idea. And then I would choose from those ideas. That way, it truly is a club created password. Maybe if I had criteria set up. Like it has to keep with theme of year, be special, respectful, not easy to figure out kind of thingy. I just wanted to make sure from you that it went over well and worked or how you used it.

Luv all you share and appreciate your time!
Lynn in Atlanta, Georgia

Jennifer said...

Hi Lynn...

Thanks for your nice inspire me too! I love your song choices. I think that if you have talented Primary children you should go for it! Worse go back to the basics. I love your idea of getting a password from the children. When I did a password a few years went really well. I think ours was FAITH. They really did feel like they were in a SPECIAL CLUB. Kids this age love being part of a CLUB.

I didn't realize you were up in Atlanta. We travel up there from time to time to visit family. Next time we are up your way...I'll have to let you know so we can meet.

Have a super day!