Friday, April 9, 2010

Primary Music Idea - The Church of Jesus Christ

Okay...I know what some of you are thinking. We don't have to teach this song until April. Well...I just couldn't wait to share with you how I'm going to teach the song The Church of Jesus Christ found on page 77 of the Children's Songbook. In this year's Primary Sharing Time Outline, under April Music Ideas, it mentions asking the children if they belong to a family. Then it asks us to see if they belong to other things such as a TEAM, a club, or a church. I thought it would be really fun to create our very own TEAM. The TEAM that belongs to THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS!!! I plan on having some of the children help in singing up front by holding the WE'RE #1 Fingers, Pom Poms, Picture of Christ, and the Colored Pennants. Each Primary child will receive their very own COLORED PENNANT to hold in their chair. The children will get to take these home with them as a reminder of April's Song of the Month. If all goes well...I will use the different colors to have sections of the room sing the song, etc... I can see lots of fun ways that all of us can enjoy teaching the Primary children that we belong to the GREATEST TEAM OF ALL...THE LORD'S TEAM!!! We are #1!!!

I am adding to this post the PENNANTS. If any of you have trouble opening them on your computer and want the files sent to you directly, please email me at Print the back of the PENNANT on either colored or white paper and do the opposite for the front piece. I added some colored ribbon for looks. The white sticks are made by the Wilson company. I found a set of 20 at Michael's Craft Store.


Lynn said...

Love the idea, jennifer! Where did you find the Number 1 hands and pom poms?
thanks for your sharing.
I would love to share pics of my lanyards and stuff to you, but I don't have a blog. How do I upload a pic to share here?

J+C+4=FUN said...

Hi I live in arizona and I love your blog. I found it on I have used some of your ideas and feel guilty that I haven't told you. I am thankful for the cute things you come up with and your talents.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lynn...

Great to hear from you! You know what? I miss it when I don't get a message from you...just thought I would let you know.

Okay, here's where I found the Number 1 fingers and pom poms. There is a really cool store here in Florida called US Toy. They have everything. The cool thing is they have a website. It's You'll have to check it out. Cool stuff!!!

Alright...I would love to highlight your lanyards and fun things. Send me an email at either jennifer.hawkins@hotmail or and I will put them on the blog. Sound like fun? Let me know, k?

Have a wonderful week and keep in touch!


Jennifer said...

Hi J+C+4=FUN...

Love your name!!! Thank you for taking time to post your message to me. I absolutely LOVE hearing from friends of Beehive Messages. You'll have to share more with me about your calling at church. Please keep in touch and we'll keep posting fun stuff.

Have a nice day!!!

All the BEST!

Kayla said...

This idea sounds perfect!