Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Primary Music Idea - Merry Musical Mittens

This past Sunday, I was in charge of both Singing Time and Sharing Time. I wanted to have something that I could teach the children during the singing portion that they in return could take home and share with their families. I came up with the idea of MERRY MUSICAL MITTENS. During singing time the children had a chance to reach into a mitten and pull out an object that represented one of the Christmas Songs found in the Children's Songbook. After they pulled out the object from the mitten...I placed a tag on the mitten to remind them that we had already pulled the object out of that mitten. When we finished singing all of the songs I handed out paper mittens for the children to color and decorate. They glued the front mitten to the back leaving an opening up top for the mini cards that they would place inside. The mini cards were also decorated by the children. The children will use their mittens at home for FHE. Family members will have the chance to pull a card out of the mitten that they can then sing as a family.

Objects & Songs:
Carrot - Once There Was A Snowman
Angel - The Nativity Song
Star - I Am Like A Star
Manger - Away in a Manger
Snowflake - Falling Snow
Bells - Christmas Bells
Candy Cane - Stars Were Gleaming
Picture of Christ - Song about Jesus (Children's Choice)


Melissa said...

I love this idea! It will be perfect for my Junior primary!

Thanks for the idea!

Steve and Erin Larsen said...

Great Idea! Thanks for sharing!!

sarah said...

Thanks for the great idea! We're doing it tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!