Monday, December 28, 2009

Primary Music Idea - Celebrating A Year Of Music

We celebrated a year of MUSIC Sunday in Primary. I took empty toilet paper rolls and stuffed them with hints about which song it was that we would sing after they opened up the POPPER (toilet paper roll wrapped with wrapping paper). I put in everything from objects to puzzles and pictures. I made a set for Junior Primary, Senior Primary and Nursery. This could be a fun way to mix things up throughout the year as well.

Here's a list of supplies I used with each song:

I Lived in Heaven - page 4 Children's Songbook - puzzle
How Firm a Foundation - page 8 Hymn Book - 6 brick pictures
The Wise Man & Foolish Man - page 281 Children's Songbook - rocks
My Eternal Family - Sheet Music - screws and nails
I Have a Family Tree - page 199 Children's Songbook - sticks from a tree
Baptism - page 100 Children's Songbook - picture of Jesus being baptized
Seek the Lord Early - page 108 Children's Songbook- picture of young girl reading scriptures
Smiles - page 267 Children's Songbook - puzzle
Family is of God - Sheet Music - picture of family
When I Hear My Father Pray - Sheet Music - picture of family praying
I Love to See the Temple - page 95 Children's Songbook - picture of couple in front of the temple
Families Can Be Together Forever - page 188 Children's Songbook - puzzle


Valerie said...

I bet they loved it! Looks really fun and gets them thinking.

Simone said...

Very creative Jennifer! I'll link on my blog if you don't mind. Thanks in advance.

Lynn said...

Great way to use things from home. Love the idea. I just wish I could have used it Sunday. New theme this next Sunday. Have any ideas?

Lynn said...

You showed noise makers or blow horns. I was wondering if you actually had the children blow them. Hee! And did you actually have them rip them in half so that the stuff spilled out or did you just have them untie the rolls?

Jennifer said...

Hi Valerie, Simone and Lynn:

Thank you all for your comments!!! I always love hearing from friends of Beehive Messages. This was a ton of fun and YES I did use the noise makers. The kids loved it!!! Who would have ever thought that toilet paper rolls could be so much fun? Please keep in touch and have a Happy New Year!!!