Friday, October 16, 2009

Women - Of Infinite Worth Activity

This activity will take place along a path through the woods. At designated spots along the path each Ward will have up to 10 minutes to share the story of their assigned valiant woman from the scriptures, share an example of how we can apply that story today in our lives, and sing a church approved song related to that principle. I tried to assign the women according to the YW Values and their stories. We will be having a guest speaker that will come and talk to the Young Women about their great worth at the conclusion of this activity.

Here's how these have been assigned:

Sarah - Infinite Worth
Eve - Choice & Accountability
Ruth - Faith
Mary (mother) - Divine Nature
Rebekah - Good Works
Esther - Individual Worth
Abish - Knowledge
Mary M. - Virtue

I'll attach photos after camp!

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