Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Face to Face


Players partner up and stand in a line with their partners next to them so they and their partners are face-to-face. Commands will be given throughout the game at which point, they need to find their partner and match up. One player calls out commands such as "face to face," "back to back," "side to side,”. Players take these positions accordingly. When the designated player calls "All change", all the players have to find a new partner. The last partner group to follow the commands is out.


1. Music


•Give the command prior to playing music. When the music stops they have to find their partner and face the appropriate direction.
•Additional commands: “hand to hand” – “toes to toes” – “elbow to elbow” – “ankle to ankle” – “knee to knee” – “wrist to wrist”
•Play with a balloon or ball that had to stay between the two partners while doing the commands. They are out if the balloon falls to the ground.

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