Friday, October 16, 2009

Camp Fashion "Shoe"

This Activity will be our Opening Ceremonies:

Each Ward is assigned a type of shoe and Young Woman Value they will represent at camp. Working with their Young Women Leaders they will come up with a game, craft, dance or activity that they will share with the other wards. Activities will take place in front of each Ward's cabin where they will put on a Fashion "Shoe" showing off their shoe type. Wards may decide to make costumes to go along with their shoes. Shoes may be made out of fabric, boxes or other materials so that their isn't a huge cost attached to this activity.

Here are the camp shoes we'll be representing at our Stake Young Women's Camp:
High Heel Shoes - Integrity
Cowboy Boots - Choice & Accountability
Slippers - Faith
Ice Skates - Divine Nature
Flippers & Flip Flops - Good Works
Sneakers - Individual Worth
Dancing Shoes - Knowledge
Hiking Boots - Virtue

Idea: If you were representing Cowboy could teach a country line dance. If you have Ice could turn everything into a winter wonderland and the girls could have a sock snowball fight.

I will add photos once we've official done this activity. I can't wait to see what the Ward's come up with.

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