Friday, October 9, 2009

Camp Boxes

These are the Camp Boxes that all of the Camp Director's received last evening to be part of their Ward Camp Kick-Off's. Inside the box I made two pockets (each Ward's pockets were in their value color) that held all of the camp materials that they would need to have in order to share with the girl's their Ward assignments. Behind the two pockets I placed the Camp Theme Song CD and on top of everything I added a picture of Christ. Once everything was placed into the photo box...I tied the boxes in the different value colors and placed a tag in the slot up front with each Ward's name. Our Camp Director's were told to wait to open the box until their Camp Kick-Off so the girls could all be together to open it at the same time.


Stacy Pincock said...

Very cute Sister!!!! They turned out really nice!! Great idea!!

Stacy B said...

Sooooo amaze me! When will you ever run out of coolideas?