Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ball Relay


Teams will work together to get all of the balls into the ball bag and then back out into the hula hoop. Set up players in two teams. You will need 15 balls for each team. The balls for each team should match in size. You should use medicine balls, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, kick balls, volleyballs, etc. Each team should have the same size and amount. In front of each team, place a hula-hoop filled with all their balls, the big ones should be on the bottom with the little ones on top. All the balls should fit inside the hoop. At the other end of the field will be a ball bag for each team (big enough to hold all the balls for that team). The first person from each team is to grab a ball, take it down the field, stuff it in the bag, race back and tag the next person who will do the same. You keep doing this until the last ball is left. The person with the last ball will take it down field, stuff it in the bag, bring the bag back to the front of the line where the hoop is and place all the balls back into the hoop. Once all the balls are out of the bag and placed in the hoop that team wins, but the trick is they have to be stacked correctly to fit into the hoop. The big ones must be on the bottom and the little ones on top.

1. Music
2. 15 sets of balls in various sizes for each team
3. Ball bag for each team
4. 1 hula hoop for each team
5. Line Markers

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