Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Around the World


Test the knowledge of the players by asking Trivia Questions regarding places found around the world. Stick up the cards at various points around the playing area. When the leader calls out a place to visit, players have to run to the card with the country where they think the place can be found. Those who are wrong get knocked out of the game.


1. 2 sets of Game Cards Representing Countries or Other Educational Areas - Write the names of various countries down, one to each card and have a list of well known or not so well known attractions that can be found in each country, E.g. The White House (USA), Big Ben (UK).


This game has a superb educational value with almost unlimited number of variations using different categories for the cards.

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral
True or False
Option A, Option B, Option C
Mammal, Reptile, Amphibian
Fruit, Vegetable

A useful way of playing this is to allow players the brief chance to change their mind before announcing the correct answer and finding out who got it right.

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