Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 Corner Dance


An object is placed in 4 corners, players must dance until the music stops then run to a corner to stand next to one of the four objects. One player has their back to the players. When the music stops they call out one of the 4 objects. The players standing in that corner are called out of the game. The object is to be the last player standing.


1. Music
2. Cones
3. Objects

1. Colored Cones spread out in playing area
2. Halloween –
a. Large spider
b. Skull
c. Cauldron
d. Broom
3. Back to School –
a. Book
b. Ruler
c. Book bag
d. Giant pencil
4. Easter –
a. Rabbit
b. Easter Basket
c. Eggs
d. Candy
5. Christmas –
a. Santa
b. Candy Cane
c. Reindeer
d. Present

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