Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Primary Music Idea - My Eternal Family

Construction Hat Fun...My Eternal Family - Sheet Music 2009 Primary Program

This year in our Primary we worked on Building Our Eternal Families. We have a large house on the wall of our Primary Room where we are placing building blocks to fill in the front of our home. As the children are spotlighted...they receive their brick and a construction hat. I decided that I would continue on with that theme to teach the song My Eternal Family. I put a round piece of Velcro on the front of the construction hat and made small pictures that coincided with the music to be placed on the hat as we sang that portion of the song. You should have see the kids faces as they were able to be my helpers. Way cute!

Another fun thing to do with this song is to have the children pretend that they have a hammer so that they can beat the rhythm of the song while you sing. You can also have them pretend to have a saw to keep the beat. The children in our ward are fantastic builders!

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