Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Primary Activity - Family Scripture Olympics

Way to go Clermont Ward Primary...check out this fabulous Primary Activity put on by Sister Gasque and Presidency.

Set tone by playing music from the Olympics.

1. Set up gym with flags from around the world.
2. As family members arrive at the church place a family name badge on one of the parent's backs. Our tags allowed us to print all of the family member's names on back.
3. Have each family create their own family flag out of construction paper and stickers.
4. Introduction.
5. Family Warm-Up Exercises to get the muscles ready to go.
6. Opening Ceremonies...Parade of Families - Bishop to carry torch to be placed in cauldron.
7. Separate by groups to go to each station (I'll list stations below). Scripture stories to be shared!
8. Gather back in the gym for family photos by the Temple.
9. Closing Ceremonies.
10. Each family walked away with a Family Home Evening Packet.

Primary Family Scripture Olympics STATIONS:

1. David and Goliath - The families used slingshots with foam balls to try to attack our HUMAN Goliath.
2. Noah's Ark - Families did races to try to get to the Promised Land.

1. Stripling Warriors - The families buried the swords and did tug of war.
2. Hold to the Rod - Children were blindfolded and had to stay holding to the rod. At the end they were able to eat fruit snacks that were placed in the tree.

We also set up a water station outside.

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Valerie said...

I loooooove it!!! I just found your blog and will be back for more great ideas.