Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Traditions - Easter Egg Bash

This past year we tried out a family tradition that was passed on by my husband's brother's family to ours. We were going through a family photo album while visiting them this past Spring and there were some family photos of the children with Easter Eggs and a towel on the floor. I asked my sister-in-law what they were doing and she explained that it was family tradition. They have the children decorate their Easter Eggs and then they have a battle on the floor to see who can make the other person's egg brake. It sounded like something that we needed to try at our home. We had so much fun battling it out to see who our ultimate EASTER EGG BASHING CHAMPION was. We replayed the game when all of the cousins were over for Easter dinner. Even the Dad's and Grandpa joined in the ultimate battle. What a blast this game is for the entire family and one that will be carried on for year's to come!

CAUTION...make sure the eggs are hard boiled!!!

To Play:
1. Place an old towel on the floor.
2. Put masking tape across the towel to separate the towel in half.
3. Place one player on one side and one on the other.
4. Each person rolls their SPECIAL EASTER EGG across the line to try to hit the other's egg.
5. The person who gives the other the largest crack wins the round and move on.
6. Continue to play until you are out of uncracked Easter Eggs.

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