Monday, August 10, 2009

Camp Activity - Don't Go Through Life Half-Baked

This was a fun pre-lunch activity we did half way through our week at camp. Following this activity we had a potato bar lunch. YUM!

Step One:
Make potato t-shirts for each YW that will be participating in the story.
Step Two:
Make potato puppets for those girls to hold that represent the characters.
Step Three:
Make brown bags with letters on them to spell the out the saying Don't Go Through Life Half-Baked. Use these to create your potato patch
Step Four:
Read and act out the story below...

The Greater Potator Patch

Once upon a time in a warm and sunny valley lived a very fine crop of potatoes. These potatoes were all members of the great “Potato Ward”. A fine and widely cultivated bunch of spuds who spent much of their time wondering just what their final dish would be. But if you look closely, you could almost see how they molded their own lives.

Some spuds had their heads so far down in the dirt they’ll probably still be there long past the harvest.

Irri-tator was one of the most well-known potatoes. She had large eyes and saw everything that was going on around her. Her eyes were big, but unfortunately, so was her mouth. How irritating!

Hesi-tator would like to join us, but she’s so unsure of herself that she hangs back. And you know what happens to she who hesitates!

Commen-tator isn’t fun to have around because she has some half-baked comment for everything.

You should meet Agi-tator; she really stirs things up and gets under everyone’s skin.

Then, there’s Dic-tator, she likes to have everything dished up HER way. While Spec-tator is just content to sit back and watch all the other French fries at work.

You haven’t lived until you’ve met Instiga-tator, you might just want to “mash” her, but a seasoning of love will be more productive.

Don’t think you’ve met ALL of the potatoes in our potato patch! The best is still to come.

Meet Sweet-tator, you’ll love her. She’s sugar coated and easy to digest.

And the largest variety and most common potato of all is the PAR-TICI-POTATOR, and all those like her—this spuds for you!!!

There are many ways that you can fix a potato much like how the lives we live.
Hash Browns – She is ready to serve bright & early in the morning, you know she’s ready for anything that may come because she’s so compact and organized.

Baked – She knows right from wrong and stays in the right place at all times. She can really take the heat. Don’t get her mixed up with some of her acquaintances who are only half-baked.

Boiled – She stays to herself. She is very plain, doesn’t have much spice in her life and doesn’t develop her talents.

Fried – She jumps into any kind of fun available and she doesn’t care whose company she’s in. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Scalloped – She’s a happy-go-lucky dish who enjoys the “spiciness” of her friends. She’s always the main ingredient.

Mashed – She loves to get involved with all the other spuds, even the little ones. She’s quite a mixer.

French Fries – She’s the leader of the group, a very upright lady. She’s very friendly and the life of the party. A wonderful missionary and a great example because she can be served with just about anything and is great on any occasion.

Our personalities are quite like potato dishes. Some of us have thick skins, some of us go around half-baked, and some of us are content to join the others and be served “au-gratin”.

Don’t go through life half-baked!
The End!!!

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From Marriage to Motherhood said...

Those shirts are AWESOME and hilarious!!