Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Young Women - Young Men 2009 Theme BE THOU Activity...

My sister Stacy and I came up with a great idea today for a youth activity based on the 2009 Young Men/Young Women Theme. Gather enough balloons to represent all of the "BE'S" mentioned in the 2009 theme. On the outside of each balloon write things that are the opposite of the good things that our youth are to "BE". Place inside the balloon the GOOD "BE THOU" qualities. Set up the youth in two groups opposite of each other on the playing field. Make sure they are placed in groups of two tying one ankle to another and one wrist to another. Hand each group of two a fly swatter. Place one of the balloons in the playing area and let the fun begin. The youth will be "SWATTING" away the BAD as they try to get there teams balloon down into the other teams goal (this could be a box). Once the team makes a goal...they will pop the balloon and find a quick comment or lesson based on the "BE THOU" quality that they are striving to "BE". At the end of the game hand-out fly swatters to the youth to remind them to SWAT AWAY THE BAD AND BE BELIEVERS OF THE GOOD!

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