Monday, July 27, 2009

Pre-Camp Camp BABY Games

In our camp BABY room we played camp games. The first game the girls played was a game called Mom's Swollen Ankles. The Young Women tied nylons around their waist and let the legs hang down. Inside the nylons place a potato on each side to help keep the nylons from flying up. Set the girls up on one side of the room and place a kick ball in front of them. The goal will be for the girls to try to use their swollen ankles to hit the ball down into the goal on the other side of the room. Let the fun begin! For your next game...have baby pictures hanging of your YCL'S and have the rest of the Young Women try to figure out Who's Who. The photos of the girls really add to the atmosphere of the room. Then, it's time for the "Babies" to have a bottle. Fill several mini bottles full of apple juice and have a contest between the girls to see who can drink all of their bottle the fastest. Girls of all ages can enjoy this game!

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