Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nephite - Lamanite Battle for YCL's

In the scriptures we learn that we are engaged in a battle against evil and that we must protect ourselves if we are to be victorious. They speak of the “armor of God,” which will help us “stand against the viles of the devil.” Let’s learn how the whole armor of God will protect us.

This activity was so much fun. Divide the group into two teams. One team to represent the Nephites and another to represent the Lamanites. Tell the group that they may bring "Battle Gear" to defend themselves from the other team. Such items might be water balloons, water guns, shaving cream, silly string, etc... Some of the participants might want to make their own armour - shields made out of wood, etc... Before the battle begins, attach a balloon tied on with a string/ribbon to each players ankle. If the balloon gets popped, they must report to the nurse and pick out of a bag a piece of paper that will tell them that they are either dead or injured, but can return to the battle field. This game can be rigged to allow the Nephite Team to win. After the activity, share with the Young Women the story of the Stripling Warriors and how they obeyed their mothers. Introduce to them the fact that they (THE YCL'S) will be the MOTHERS for the other Young Women when they arrive at camp the next day. You can also share with them more about the different sections or pieces of armour and what they represent. SEE the January 2009 NEW ERA magazine for an awesome photo of a Nephite dressed in the full armour of God.

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