Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camp Morning Exercises

This year we based our Camp Morning Exercise Program off of exercises from around the world. We had a fantastic Camp Director that lead our Young Women and Leaders in the following styles of dance and exercise:

Day One: Yoga - Originated in India
Day Two: Kickboxing - Originated in Japan
Day Three: Belly Dancing - Originated in the Middle East
Day Four: Boot Camp from the USA

This was a HIGHLIGHT at camp! They really loved the Yoga Class and Belly Dancing. I think all of our Young Women can spell their names with their bodies!!! FUN - FUN - FUN!!!

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psbomhoff said...

Exercise is an important side part to our Words of Wisdom. The goal here was not only World exercise forms, but that exercise can be fun, does not have to involve tedious running, p.e. class, or a smelling, can be done all be oneself if so inspired...but mostly that we need to take this "fun" each day to repsect our gift of our earthly bodies. in 1 Corinthians John told the people to glorify God in their bodies; that we were bought at a price therefore we should repsect our bodies and that our bodies are a temple to God in which the Holy Spirit lives; not to mention that some of the very last words by Moroni are to "love God with all your might mind and strength...and ye can be perfect in Christ". That powerful concept, combined with a little "egyptian figure 8s" "back kick to the chest" "grounding to earth and reaching up to Heavenly Father" or "belly crawling under fake barbed wire" completes the elements of exercise and worship....not to mention fun fun fun fun fun!