Thursday, July 30, 2009

Camp Level Traditions

We have started some really fun CAMP LEVEL TRADITIONS.

Take a look!

Level One Campers - First Night Sleepover Party
Level Two Campers - Donut Eating Contest and Canoe Races
Level Three Campers - Fire Extinguisher Fun Blowing Up Marshmallows
Level Four Campers - The Minnow Club vs. the Save the Minnow Club
YCL Campers - Black Malick Hunting

First Night Sleepover...helps younger campers to not be so homesick
Donut Eating Contest...donut on a string with hands behind backs (chocolate frosting adds a nice little touch to the contest)
Fire Extinguisher...make sure you have some marshmallows in a large bowl at the other end for the girls to blow up - way fun!
Minnow Club...those that like to eat pool little LIVE MINNOWS
Save the Minnow Club...those that are SMART and DON'T EAT SWEET LITTLE FISHES
Black Malick Hunting...a made up little squirrel like creature - you can finish the story! Oh, be sure to have the younger campers wear their hair in a pony tail near the front of their heads. I hear it helps to make the Black Malick's appear.

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psbomhoff said...

its the little traditions that each girl gets to look forward to, a little encouragement to come the next year, and they remember those most of all.....